Part 1: Spring melt off in Oregon - from the high to the low country - 3 Part blog entry

Over the last month I have been able to embark on journeys exploring several of Oregon's Wilderness gems. This all started with a two week journey into the Three Sisters Wilderness with an adult Outward Bound course. We experienced mostly good weather besides, of course, the one day we were supposed to climb a mountain. That day the winds blew and visibility was close to zero. We hunkered down, taught classes and retreated to the tent often to keep our extremities from frostbitte.  The ten students involved were part of the Northwest Outward Bound School's 50-Day Spring Wilderness Leadership Expedition. In the mountains, the students completed a 48-hour Solo Experience, which is part of the core of Outward Bound's educational philosophy.

To start this first blog segment..
here are a couple photos from our expedition South of Broken Top Mountain.
Hiking across snowy meadow, Three Sisters, Oregon © Levi Old
Afternoon sunset shot of Moon mountain © Levi Old
My co-Instructor Ralph Heath grabbed my camera and took this photo of me conversing with students in the afternoon.
Not much visibility outside the tent, ahhh yes and they call mountaineering fun?  ©Levi Old
Looking Southwest from Broken Top Mountain, Oregon's vast country. ©Levi Old

“There are ways in, journeys to the center of life, through time; through air, matter, dream and thought. The ways are not always mapped or charted, but sometimes being lost, if there is such a thing, is the sweetest place to be. And always, in this search, a person might find that she is already there, at the center of the world. It may be a broken world, but it is glorious nonetheless.” 

                              ― Linda Hogan, The Woman Who Watches Over the World: A Native Memoir

More to come later this week...
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