Part 2: Rivers and Smith Rock Climbing

I spent the last twelve days of May instructing for an Outward Bound returning staff training. We spent two days at Smith Rock State Park, five days expeditioning on the Deschutes River, one day on the White Salmon River in Washington, and two days on the Clackamas River, south of Portland.

The Condit Dam on the White Salmon was recently taken out. Salmon and steelhead are already returning to spawn in the river! We had a good time practicing our skills and spending time with old friends in wild country.

Below are a few photos from the trip.

Tony and Ralph practicing lowering techniques at Smith Rock. ©Levi Old

Cooking breakfast along the Deschutes River. ©Levi Old

OB staff Rusty, Scott and Anjie studying river
rescue theory along the Clackamas River.  ©Levi Old

Scouting a Class IV rapid along the Clackamas, ©Levi Old
Justin reflects under ancestor Doug Fir tree in a pocket of old growth, Opal Creek,
Oregon. ©Levi Old

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