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Hell's Canyon of the Snake River,   North America's deepest river gorge ©LeviOld
   I had the great fortune of traveling with Outward Bound and NOLS down two different sections of the Salmon River recently. This corridor is one of the largest remaining stretches of undammed river in the Lower 48 states. The watershed comes off the western slope of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming's  Rocky Mountains. Much of the river is in the Wilderness protection of the Frank Church- Selway - Bitteroott Complex. This is the largest Wilderness complex in the Lower 48. Each time I have the fortune of traveling in these areas I feel forever filled with gratitude for their wildness.

 Fires burned on each of these rivers as we floated downstream.

  The Salmon River sees less than 1% of its once thriving Chinook and Sockeye Salmon runs. The fish have to pass through numerous Dams on the Snake and Columbia River as they journey hundreds of miles to and from from the Pacific Ocean.

Dam Map of the Watershed

  These fish were less on my radar until I spent a couple of summers in Alaska and experienced the beauty, abundance, health and economic value of Salmon relationship with human beings and landscapes. They were once a northwest staple by the millions. These fish grew cultures of humans and wildlife throughout the northwest and elsewhere around the world.

Please consider weighing in on the health and future of these fish and in turn our communities.

Wild Salmon Center

Another urgent Salmon Issue: Protect Bristol Bay, Alaska

Damnnation Film

Local Cascadia Film

Photography from the Expeditions:

Nick paddles a solo boat through Black Canyon Rapid ©LeviOld

Lower Salmon River ©LeviOld

Ponderosa Pine, Corn Creek ©LeviOld

Netleaf Hackberry tree left standing after Snake River Wildfire ©LeviOld

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