A Threatened River

Today the quick pace of the waterway swept our rubber raft downstream through a valley carved through time. The Snake River Cutthroat thriving as natives in the home of their ancestors.

The Hoback River is now threatened by the boom of natural gas and the fracking due to occur at the headwaters of this stream. American Rivers places the Hoback on its list of America's Most Endangered Rivers. The lower section is designated a Wild and Scenic River (only 1% of the countries rivers have this designation).

Endangered Hoback


Randolph and Bo gear up for float

Above and Below-- Local Cutthroat

What watershed do you live within? Where does your drinking water come from these days? Is it a local reservoir, creek, aquifer?? Is your water shipped in from afar? Is is renewable? Is it threatened by people who live outside your watershed and their financial interests?
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