Back on the Road

   Life has me back on the road. Living out of the my truck. Seems all too familiar at this point in time.

   Luckily along the way I have good friends to visit in many places. I'm in the process of trying to learn and create more photography that is felt in a deep way by the viewer. This past trip (Bend, OR-Jackson, WY) I made it an intention to explore a couple areas I had never seen before. This led me to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in eastern Oregon, the Bruneau Dunes of southern Idaho and the City of Rocks National Monument/Castle Rocks State Park in southeastern Idaho.

   The light can make or break great photographic opportunities. In search of light has begun to teach me more about patience and the ability to watch the afternoon or morning light takeover a landscape. Shifting shadows and highlights, rays and colors, the cloud formations.... I'm excited to really test patience and presence with more wildlife and landscape photography this summer. 

   Spring 2012 is a spring of river travel. I'm about to spend two weeks floating the Salmon River in Idaho. We will float the Main Salmon section twice during this time.

John Day Fossil Beds

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