Fall Time In Oregon

Fall season is showing itself more and more each day. The desert grasses are a golden brown magnified on the landscape from last nights large lightning storm. Birds fly south or come here to winter along the river. The desert juniper trees shed berries, immersing the senses.

The summer has been full of adventures. I have worked a variety of expeditionary oriented courses in central Oregon and along the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. I have two more week long river courses for US War Veterans before a trip back east to visit my family.

The other highlights of my summer included an earth oven workshop in Washington with old friends, a trip to forage the Oregon Coast bounty with old college friends, a backpacking trip in the wildness of the Alaskan Range with my Dad, wandering the Oregon Dunes with old friends at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation area, and messing around in our base camp's new garden. Watching tomatoes and tomatillos flourish late in September's days.

I have spent a bit of time organizing and processing photos from the last year. Please take a look on my Picassa Web Albums

The Fall will take me too the Everglades to work at-risk youth canoe courses for Outward Bound. I am excited to see the process of these course with family and court room visits included in the course process.

My sincere hope is that each of you are healthy and present.

Please send me things to post on the blog if you have had any exciting adventures.


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