Natural Materials and Earthen Design

The squeezing of mud through one's toes and the joy of appearance and ease on the smile are common themes at these construction sites...

With ease, I can sit in a chair and say that the process of building with earth materials is one of the most powerful, exciting, creative, inspiring, empowering, challenging, wisdom filled processes I have gone through in my short life.

To use and practice; collection, communication, creation, shaping, patience, focus, loose muscles, exactness, use of old math skills, gracefulness, fire, natural/local mediums, dexterity ...

I hope to continue to gain the skills to help people create spaces for community, fire, and places to nestle. Walking into earthen buildings shares a spirit that conventional housing has yet to demonstrate to me. Whether it be a home made of wood, clay, straw, sand, ....they all hold an amazing feel to them.

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