On the Verge of Summertime

I am finishing up my 9-month Anake naturalist training through the Wilderness Awareness School. Recently I moved out of my little cabin in the woods.

My time here was a good experience, nice at times, gloomy at others, very damp, kitchen on my porch, firewood cut and hauled from the land, no light, but a headlamp and candles, no electricity, a sleeping bag for cool nights, maples blooming outside my porch, barred owls by night, towhees and winter wrens by day, crazy neighbors, many a mouse visit, and often the gift of quietness in the forest, if not for a noisy leaf blower, dog bark, nearby logging operation or dirt bike roar.

One of my favorite things about my ever changing lifestyle is sleeping in new shelters and even better under the stars. I'll never forget a 20 year old student from Mississippi I had last year on a 60-day Texas/Utah Semester Course. The first night he was on course, he looked into the Big Bend Sky (one of the best places to see stars in the Country), and said "Man, this will never get old." He repeated this many times over the course, no matter how much the days challenges took him to low lows or high highs. Ever time I smiled, as I do most nights while falling asleep under the stars. I cannot agree more with his thoughts and never have been able to put it in such simple words.

Next I am off to work in the Central Cascades Mountains and the Deschutes River of OR. for June, the Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound and the Chugach Range, Alaska in July excited to be back in the big wild country, and Washington in August to build an oven from the earth, and September in many places. Hope all of you are well. Keep sending things my way for the blog.

Thanks, hope to see you soon, and take care!

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70,000 NW 83rd St.
Redmond, OR. 97756
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