Friend hits Continental Divide Trail

My friend Sage reports...

Click title above to see itinerary of trip from Mexico to Canada.

Hi friends and family!
Sorry for the mass email, but I figured I would try to get my potential route plan out to you all before I kiss my computer goodbye for 5 months. I hope sending this itinerary out doesn't jinx my hike- hate to get anyone's hopes up (mainly my own..) just to have my knees crap out on me during the first week, but I want you all to be a part of this hike from the start.
This weekend I am going to try and make my way from Barstow, CA out to the Crazy Cook Terminus in NM. Unfortunately I am not feeling very poetic at the moment- just sleep deprived, overworked, & anxious- can't wait for the peace of the trail! Attached you will find my CDT itinerary, if you have trouble opening it let me know.
If you have a chance write and say hi, I would love to hear how you all are doing- your stories keep me company while I am out on a long lonely trail. Be well and wild!
Much love-
Sage hiked the PCT last year and now she is onto another major trail. Good luck and safe walking.

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