Remembering R.S. Hornsby, A Precious Life

I will always remember my friend R.S. for his joyful nature, soulful musical talent, spanish language skills, wittiness and quick sense of humor. R.S. and I went to the same high school and our families have known each other for a long time. Last January he passed away in a car accident at the age of 28. He will forever have an impact on my life and many others. January 24th is R.S.'s birthday. It is a day to celebrate life.

I remember when I arrived at boarding school RS was always a person I looked up too. He helped me develop a love for many musical groups that I still follow today. I have seen hundreds of live acts, many of which I gained a passion for while spending time with RS and several of our mutual friends.

There is two great sites that showcase R.S.'s musical talent and some words about his life. , The second site has a bunch of tracks. I think it would be an honor to listen to R.S. Music and let it carry with you in this moment in time. If you do listen, make sure you focus on the guitar playing. Truly a wonderful talent and good friend.
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