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Amanita muscaria is a mushroom found in the Pacific Northwest (and other temperate and boreal ecosystems of the N. Hemisphere) that has been linked to Christmas legend. People have speculated that this mushroom is linked to the colors of Santa Claus's suite as well as the fact that reindeer can fly. Reindeer commonly will eat this mushroom, which causes intoxication. The mushroom is poisonous to humans by most accounts. Common names for the fungus are Fly Argaric and Fly Amanita. ( for more information check out Wikipedia site; ) Over the last two fall seasons I have gained a strong interest in edible mushroom foraging and table preparation.

I am moving further into the technology realm in hopes of linking people in places to the small bits of teachings and experiences that I am exposed too through travel and study. I hope that this blog will be a posting of writings, art, and resources as well as a place that people can share knowledge with others. Topics may include expeditions/adventures, cultural/anthropological studies, ecological issues and education, humorous stories etc. If you have an interest in certain topics please pass them along so that I can share them. Thanks and enjoy!
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